Clean Green And Save Your Life

To give your home a thorough cleaning has always been a common home improvement project. Most people think that cleaning is something that costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time to do. Cleaning can actually be rather inexpensive. When you use green cleaning techniques you improve the quality of your home and save money. Cleaning can be damaging to anything, because regular cleaners have chemicals that are not good. All chemical cleaners are dangerous to breathe, because of the harmful emissions they give off. Improving things will be easy when you use the following green cleaning tips.

You mean that paper towels can still be found in your kitchen? Knock it off! If you were thinking about the environment, you would know how bad paper towels are. They also cost you a lot of money. You might be surprised at how well cloth washcloths work, so you won’t miss paper towels at all. You never have to spend money to get new ones. Old t-shirts can be used to make them, or anything else in your closet that needs to be thrown away.

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They can get dirty and start to smell after using them for a while, but you can wash them with your regular wash like any other clothing you have. The landfills can be helped with less trash, and your budget can use the extra money that you don’t have to spend on paper towels. Cleaning your office bathroom, while using cleaners filled with chemicals, is a dangerous idea. The chemicals, that could be harmful, remain in the air or seep into the walls because bathrooms have so little ventilation. Your cleaning solvents should be baking soda, borax and vinegar, instead of chemical-based cleansers, although using them at different times. You’ll keep the bathroom clean and won’t have to worry about accidentally inhaling anything harmful. You can also cut down on mildew by always running a fan while you bathe and-if you don’t feel too self-conscious about it, leaving the bathroom door open at least a crack to allow the steam to escape.

Add some literal greenery to your home by adding a few houseplants. The environment is enlivened with plants, but that is not all. They work as air filters and purifiers as well. Some people use fake plants made out of rubber, which don’t do much good, but an actual rubber plant will, along with English Ivy, peace lilies and spider plants, because of their cleansing properties. What better deal could you get, than to have something give you oxygen in exchange for harmful toxins. 12 to 18 plants will work if your house is roughly 1800 square feet, but the more the better. This is a much better way to clean your home than buying air purifiers and filters that are environmentally poor. When you spend your time cleaning, it will be more profitable if you do the job the right way. Once you give your house a thorough cleaning, you will have a much better idea of what home improvement projects you need to do. The health of your home, along with your own, will be made better by using green techniques for cleaning.

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