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You are also allowed to give an alias to this order for reference within CustomerZone. New York commercial establishments such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other organizations and businesses, however, can trust Janitorial Cleaning Services New York for their commercial cleaning service needs. These industrial cleaners are non-aerosol and ozone safe containing No Volatile Organic Compounds docs that cause the photochemical reaction of atmospheric oxygen to smog. Your local dealer will be happy to assist you with rentals, soap, and floor sealer information. Floor polishers feature two rear mounted wheels for tilt and roll mobility when not in use. Enter your postcode to begin your instant quote Contact Us for a FREE ESTIMATE Thank you! OreckĀ® Orbiter Floor Machine features a 1/2 HP induction type motor made using zinc and steel for lasting durability. First, we inspect your floors to determine the best treatment process. Click here to see full selections of no data our Floor Care Machines.

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